Quick Update!

[Addendum to this post]

Almost everyone’s pretty much aware of the virtual ban.  It’s not just limited to Japanese citizens–anyone can sign the petition to oppose the ban.  Here’s what you need to do.

1. Go here.

2. Scroll down till you see a GREEN BOX with various people holding a piece of paper in their hand.  This is the form to sign the petition.  Select the TOP BOX and click the orange button.

3. You should now be on the signature page.  The four items that are marked red are the ones you have to fill out.  Here are the four sections:

お名前: (This is where your name goes.  If you’re anonymously signing the petition, put 匿名(“tokumei” -> “anonymous” or “pseudonym”).

メールアドレス: (Your email address goes here.  Don’t fake it, put a real working e-mail!)

年齢: (Your age goes here.)

性別: (Your gender goes here.  Select the left if you’re a male, the right if you’re female.)

4. Scroll all the way down and hit the gray button that is under this text: 利用規約に同意の上ご署名ください。  After that, you should see a summary page.  Scroll down and look for four numbers in a pink box.  Enter it into the small box that’s right below this sentence: 上に表示された画像の数字を入力してください.

5. Click the button on the right (this one: 送信する).  The next page should have this in green: 署名を仮受付しました。, followed by this in red: まだ署名は完了していません。  You need to confirm the email that you signed with.

6. Check your email for a message from Shomei TV.  Open the message and look for a link that starts off with: http://www.shomei.tv/signature/complete.php?hash=” which would then be followed by a series of numbers.  Click that link.  You’ve 24 hours to do so, so it’s best to do it as soon as you’re done filling out the form.

7. A page will then pop up, which will say “署名が完了しました。” in green and “「架空創作表現規制禁止の法制化を求める署名」 への署名が完了しました。” below it in black.  This confirms your signature.

[If you’re in doubt, Google translate the page (not the form); it’ll help a little bit.]

[Info from the Yshare comm on LJ.]


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